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CBD Creams in Faribault

BD-infused topical creams. Our creams feature a pharmaceutical base infused with CBD, mint leaf extract, cucumber, and Vitamin E. Ultimate Tan offers CBD Creams in Faribault.

These topical creams can be directly applied to anywhere you need some soothing CBD action. Apply these topicals on your wrists, knees, ankles, back, or any weary joints and muscles you’ve got. Choose from our 150mg CBD Pain Cream or more concentrated 300mg option for increased strength. Combine the potency of CBD with the relaxing power of “heat” with our CBD-infused Muscle & Joint Heat Relief Cream. It comes with 250mg of CBD, or 500mg for higher potency.

How do I use the Topicals?

Simply apply the topical to the desired area and wait. While everybody’s body is different, it’s not uncommon for the topical to begin its work immediately. Consult the packaging for our recommended reapplication frequency. These topicals are blended with the intent of leaving no greasy residue behind.

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